Your future spouse! ???? (Pick-A-Card Reading with Charm Casting)

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1. Earth Magic Oracle
2. Witches’ Wisdom Oracle
3. Energy Oracle
4. Work Your Light Oracle
5. Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards
6. Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle
7. Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle
8. Crystal Visions Tarot
9. Romance Angels Oracle
10. Angel Answers Oracle

Who’s watching you?

Who admires you?

What they wish they could say?

People‘s assumptions about you!

What attracts people to you?

All about your person!

What would bring you more income?

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Look up your personal chart using birth date and time. If you don’t know your birth time then you can use your sun sign as your ascendant.

Time Passages App

Useful for tracking transiting planets in your birth chart and includes a horoscope based on these transits.

Tarot is not absolute; all future circumstances are just one potential timeline. We are constantly creating our reality based on thoughts, feelings, and actions. We cannot control the free will of others that affect the outcome of our situation. Always seek professional help with medical, legal, or financial decisions.

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