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"You Are Home" by Pernilla Kannapinn was recorded in 2020 in artistic quarantine in Greece.
It's based on the hindu mantra So'Ham, which every being unconsciously expresses during each and every breath. It means "I am He/Her" and symbolizes the union of the individual soul and the greater universe in yoga, tantra and vedic philosophy.

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This song was recorded during artistic quarantine in Greece 2020.

Music - Pernilla Kannapinn
Visuals - Crystal Alma
Mix - Winfried Rimbach-Sator of Exo10 records
Mastering - Magdalena Piotrowska of Hear Candy Mastering

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The video to "You are Home" was filmed and edited by Crystal Alma:

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My friend I see you have come so far,
You may rest your tired feet,
Wipe sweat and worries off your face,
You are home.

Om soham

My friend I see you have faught so much,
You don't need your heavy armour,
Also a worrier needs to rest,
You are home.

Om soham

My friend I see your load is heavy,
Leave all your baggage by the door,
Full but naked as the moon,
You are home.

You are home

Om soham
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