When a Mystery Begins... {Ep 5} A Twisted Fate //Roblox Royale High Roleplay

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Tittle name by: Mercy
Stunning thumbnail made by: Allison
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Cast in this episode:
Aubrey - voiced by: Siena
Character played by: Eski
Storm - voiced and played by: Mercy
Nico - voiced by: Abi
Character played by: Indie
Katherine (Kat) - voiced by: Everest
Character played by: Everest, Chad, and Grape
Gabriella (Gabi) - voiced and played by: Jiggy
Harrison - voiced and played by: Chad
Adalynn - voiced and played by: Yumi
Paris - voiced by: Opal
Character played by: Opal and Mercy
Veronica - voiced and played by: Allison
Mr. Simpson (teacher) - voiced and played by: Bush/Cal
Mystery Queen - voiced by: Opal
Character played by: Indie
Mrs. Garcia (teacher) - voiced and played by: Mango
Background characters- Yumi, Mercy, Indie, Jiggy, Bush/Cal, Bagel, Grape, Colby, Chad, Abi, Opal, Kuro, Lauren, Mango, Seri, Everest, Allison, and Siena
Background music chosen by: Chad and Siena

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