Unknown Challenges of Creating Apex Legends, Anthem & Battlefield V – EA Unplugged #1

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Three producers from three of the biggest action-shooter games of the year sat down with players to discuss what worked, what didn't and why.

EA: Unplugged is a new series hosted by the EA Community team to facilitate candid conversations between studio leads and executives, and dedicated gaming community members, to help uncover deeper insight into the game development process.

In this introductory episode of EA: Unplugged, we sat down with Drew McCoy (Executive Producer, Apex Legends), Ben Irving (Lead Producer, Anthem) and Lars Gustavsson (Creative Director, DICE) to chat creative process and decision-making around the games they've released over the past year. This episode, recorded live at EA PLAY and hosted by Freeman, CM on Battlefield, also features Game Changers and streamers MoonLiteWolf and Bongeh of TwoAngryGamersTV.

What else do you want to hear about? Comment below and let us know what other aspect of studio development you'd like to hear about.

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