Trump 'may run again' to be president in the future

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Sky News contributor Michael Kroger has spoken about what the future may hold for Donald Trump following the election, saying "if his health holds up" he may run again to be president of the nation in the future.

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has said he is confident he will soon claim the presidency with a clear majority as votes continue to be counted.

Mr Biden said there would not be a final declaration of victory, but the numbers made it a clear and convincing story that he was "going to win this race".

"We've gotten over 74 million votes ... that's more than any presidential ticket has ever got in the history of the United States of America, and our vote total is still growing," he said.

"If his health holds up, he may run again," Mr Kroger told Sky News.

Mr Kroger spoke of the suggestion of Donald Trump potentially going into the US Senate in the future.

"That would give him a platform for the next four years," Mr Kroger said.

"To vote on legislation, control the Republican Party and to continue to be a national figure".

While votes are still being counted in the presidential election, Mr Biden has thus far returned strong polling results in a number of key states.
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