Trump Grapples with Fallout from Woodward Book Over Virus Response

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President Donald Trump is defending his actions on the coronavirus after revelations surfaced that he had had been determined to play down the danger despite describing it in private as “deadly stuff.”

Trump is grappling with fallout from a new book by Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward. In a series of interviews with Woodward, the president spoke frankly about the dangers posed by the virus - even as he downplayed them publicly - and admitted he had tried to mislead the public. The book, based on recorded phone interviews, has refocused attention on Trump’s handling of the virus, a subject he has tried to shift away from less than two months before Election Day.

The president noted that he had limited travel from China, where the virus apparently originated, "so, obviously, outwardly I said it’s a very serious problem. ... That doesn’t mean I’m going to jump up and down in the air and start saying ‘people are going to die, people are going to die.’ No, no, I’m not going to do that. We’re going to get through this.”

Trump said that if his comments about playing down the danger of the virus were so bad, why didn't Woodward report them,

Woodward has defended his decision to hold off by saying he needed time to make sure Trump’s private comments were true.

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