Top 11 Mobile MMORPGs With Most Detail Character Customization

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High graphics Android & iphone MMORPG with best customization 2021 I VinIsHere

My mobile mmorpg playlist (all best one's included in there since last 5 years):-

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Mobile MMORPGs with the most detail customization!

*Most of these games doesn't have global version yet, I have given my webpage links for those in order to help you download & play

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EN- English, CN- Chinese, JP- Japanese, Kr- Korean

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Swordman Love 2 (CN):- (Android & iOS):-

2)Snow Eagle Lord (CN):- (Android & iOS):-

3)Black Desert Mobile (EN):-

4)Moonlight Blade (By Tencent) (CN):- Beta Recently ended it's coming soon!

5)Bless Mobile (EN):- (Both Android & iOS links/info visit my webpage below):-

6)Tower Of Fantasy (Anime Style mmorpg) (CN):- Coming Soon

7)Alchemia Story (EN):-

8)Traha (JP/CN):- (Android & iOS):-

9)A Dream Of Jinaghu (CN) (Biggest Game on Mobile):- (Android & iOS):-

10)Dragon Raja (EN):- (Both Android & iOS):-

11) Revelation (By NetEase) (CN):- Beta Recently ended it's coming Soon

Additional (Upcoming/Same level of customization as the game featured in this list):-

12)Hidden World Record (By NetEase) (CN)
13)Seven Knights 2 (Kr):- Coming This year
14)Gran Saga (kr):- Currently under Pre-Registeration New beta coming this year
15)Noah's Heart

Bonus:- (Good customization although not on the level as the game featured but worth mentioning)

1)Perfect World (EN)
2)Blade & Soul Revolution (EN)
3)New Smiling Proud Wanderer (CN)
4)A3 (KR)
5)Boomblade (CN)
6)Fantasy Westward Journey (CN)
7)Phantom Tang Dynasty (EN)
8)Tera Origin (KR)
9)V4 (EN)
10)Flower & Sword (Cn)
11)Dragon Nest 2 (CN)

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