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This week's Top Moments video reveals the Top 10 Game-Changing Moments that changed not just the Olympic Games but also the sport itself forever - Enjoy watching! Which moment was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

10) Olympic Refugee Team at Rio 2016 (The first-ever at the Olympics)
9) Eddy Tolan at Los Angeles 1932 (The first Photo-Finish)
8) Jim Hines at Mexico 1968 (The first 100m under 10 seconds)
7) Chris Boardman at Barcelona 1992 (Ground Breaking Bike Design)
6) Michael Phelps at Beijing 2008 (Most Medals at the same Olympics)
5) The Dream Team at Barcelona 1992 (Professional Players at the Olympics)
4) Abebe Bikila at Rome 1960 (Barefoot Marathon Champion)
3) Bob Beamon at Mexico 1968 (Longest standing Olympic record)
2) Nadia Comaneci at Montreal 1976 (The first perfect 10)
1) Dick Fosbury at Mexico 1968 (The "Fosbury Flop")

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