Titanreach - Worth To Back The Kickstarter? - Runescape Style MMORPG 2020

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Titanreach is an oldschool, skilling based MMORPG. They've actually done kickstarter in the absolute best way possible, in my opinion. They've had a demo out there multiple times for people to check out, they've developed the framework of a game without taking a penny from anybody and they've dropped the demo for free, full 30 days for anyone who wishes to try it along with the kickstarter campaign. The campaign is also an all or nothing campaign, meaning if you pledge and the project doesn't reach the goal, no one will be charged and they'll just stop making the game, so they're saying the funding amount is what they need to get this finished. I personally believe this to be the most legit kickstarter attempt I've seen but it's still a risk, so just be warned. Check out the game and the kickstarter page down below.

Kickstarter :
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