The Tesla Model 2 UPDATE Is Here! (Design, Expected Range, Incentives & More!)

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The Tesla Model 2 UPDATE Is Here! (Design, Expected Range, Incentives & More!)

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The Tesla Model 2 UPDATE Is Here! (Design, Expected Range, Incentives & More!)

Tesla Model 2 Design

Tesla recently released a design sketch of what looks like an upcoming Tesla model and eager eyes wasted no time in figuring what it could be. It looked like a stripped-down baby version of the Model 3 which is a good thing believe it or not. Most of the R&D costs boils down to the designing part of a car and if the Model 2 looks more or less like an existing model, then it’s a sign that the company is looking for ways to save production costs. This will ultimately end up reducing the overall cost of the EV car and thereby the rumored price tag of $25,000 could very much be a possibility. Our own rendering artist made a mock-up render of the car and looking at it, I could tell that Tesla will also need to go for a much simpler and minimalistic cabin and dashboard design to keep the costs down.
The design will still be more than enough to compete with the likes of other small-time EV cars such as the Mini Cooper Se or the Chevrolet Bolt. This is just for the global market but the Chinese market could be a whole different situation considering their local EV carmakers are already selling similarly spec’d EV cars in the market.

Tesla Model 2 Range and Self-Navigation Features
Since the carmaker is yet to formally announce the Model 2, it is very hard to make an estimated guess of range but considering Tesla’s track record, it will be easily more than that of Chevrolet Bolt or the Nissan Leaf. Still, we estimate that it features a minimum of 200 horsepower and a range limit of over 200 miles easily. If it goes close to 240 miles of range, it could even compete with the big boys such as the top EV models of Jaguar and Nissan which also offers similar 240-260 miles of range on their top models.

Tesla Model 2 Release Date and Incentives
Although the new Incentives are yet to be implemented, if it does, you could potentially get the Model 2 at half the price. They really need to bring back the $10,000 of federal incentives to anybody who chooses to opt for an EV and this could seriously boost the EV market share. There are actually quite a few incentives that are actually up for grabs if you qualify for them and they could potentially allow you to get the Model 2 a much lower price than that of $25,000. As for the release date, nothing is set in stone as of now but according to Elon Musk’s recent tweet, it could be somewhere in between 3 years.

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