Testing Nail Art From Aliexpress

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Unboxing my huge nail art haul from Aliexpress! Got some cats eye polygel to try out as well as a bunch of charms!

Info about the flowers:

♡ The codes and links with * are affiliate which means I earn a small commission if you use them, if you don't want to - I understand ♡

! Coupon Codes !

Makartt: emilysusanah for 15% off
Kiara Sky: emilysusanah for 10% off

Clear polygel: *
Base coat: *
E-file: *
Hand files: *
Tip primer:
Top coat: *

Jelly polygel:
Cats eye polygel:
XXL coffin tips:
Large circle of mixed decals:
4 pan powders:
Large rhinestones:
Pendant charms:
Large flower charms:
Flower stickers:
Strawberry charms:
Rabbit charms:
Neon sign stickers:
Sailor moon stickers:
Hello kitty stickers aren't there anymore :(

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