Tesla Model 3 vs Model Y: Road Trip Range Test!

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Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3: Road Trip Range Test

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When it comes to electric vehicles, the most popular question is “How long can it go on a single charge?” Since owning my Model 3 I’ve always told people who are considering a Tesla or any EV that they should get the vehicle with the most range that fits within their budget. Basically, get the longest range possible, and I’ve always praised the Long Range Model 3 for having the best combination of range and energy efficiency out of any electric vehicle ever made. I’ve also recommended that people buy the Long Range non-performance versions of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y because if you buy the Performance versions you’re paying more money for less range which is counter intuitive even though you are getting the quicker performance and a few other upgrades. I believe the long range non-performance versions are quick enough for 99% of people and it’s not worth spending that extra money just to lose out on some extra range. However, Tesla’s battery optimization is continually improving so the difference in range is pretty small these days. Currently the Long Range Model Y only has 23 more miles of range compared to the Performance Model Y so is it really that big of a deal to have 20 extra miles of range? That’s what we’re going to find out in this video. My 2018 Long Range Model 3 vs David's 2020 Performance Model Y on the same road trip from Louisville KY to Asheville NC and back to see just how much of a difference the energy efficiency and range estimates are and if they really matter in the grand scheme of things. David’s 2020 Performance Model Y had an estimated range of 280 miles with the 21” wheels but he replaced those with smaller 20” wheels which should put his estimated range closer to 300 miles. My Model 3 is over 2 years old with 75,000 miles on it and currently has an estimated range of around 300 miles so we both have similar estimated range. We both fully charged our cars and departed with approximately 300 miles of range on both batteries. However, even though we both have around 300 miles of range, the Model 3 and Model Y have a different driving efficiency which is what we really wanted to keep track of during this trip. Tesla’s driving efficiency is tracked as Wh/mile and all Teslas track this on the touch screen. If I were traveling in my Model 3 alone it would have been a 12 hour total round trip (about 11 hours driving and two 30 minute charging stops). The single 30-minute charging stop on the way back cost $ in my Model 3 which added 175 miles of range. David charged for about 40 minutes and regained 200 miles and cost $ The 750 mile trip in my Model 3 would have only cost about $20 for Supercharging. For the total round trip my Model 3 used 191 kWh to travel 765 miles which resulted in an average of 249 Wh/mile. David’s Model Y used 226 kWh to travel 751 miles which resulted in an average of 300 Wh/mile. That’s a difference of 50 Wh/mile which means the Performance Model Y uses 5 more kWh every 100 miles compared to my Model 3. That’s about a 15 kWh difference per full battery charge which equates to about 20% of the battery pack.

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