ROX Newbie Guide | Farming/Grinding Tips: Choosing the Right Levelling Spot | ROX: Next Generation

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???? Choosing the right farming spot for your current level is very crucial especially on the early days of this Game (Day 1 - Day 3) because you might be surprised that you are still on first job (Swordsman) while others are already on their 2nd job (Knight). It is because they are attacking and farming not just the "random" monsters but the "right" monsters.
???? In this video, I'll be helping you on how are you going to choose the right monsters or right levelling spot for your current level.


Odin's Blessings (More Details)

Stellarist "Useful Informations about the Game"
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Contents of this Video

00:00​ Introduction: Choosing the Right Farming Spot
01:59​ #1 Right Farming Spot with Odin's Blessing
05:31​ #2 Right Farming Spot without Odin's Blessing

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