Roblox Sword Fighting - Tips and Tricks

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Hey today I am Sword Fighting (SF). I am teaching you how to become a better SF. Copy my settings even if you say "I am a better SF with these" trust me, practice with this and you will become better. In this video I die a bit but teach tips/tricks, etc. No one wins 100% of the time. Now, ofcourse with EVERY video like this, theres always this one person who says "Noob" so if you think you can defeat me, I will 1 v 1 you at a tournment of 10, ties dont count. Its easy to say something, hard to actually do it.

Quote - "Do not randomly go swing at your enemy for you will get Bloxxed."

Roblox IGM - Pranayhalo
Skill (1-10, 10 best) -
Contact me: PM/msg me at Pranayhalo on Roblox or comment on the video
What should I say in the msg?: Say your IGM on Roblox, what time you are free and your skill (1-10, 10 best). Also, optional, say how you learned.
Tournment: After Msging me, I will get back to you ASAP. I will try to set up a tournment with you. Good Luck!

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Thanks for watching! Feedback and Comments are welcomed! Make sure to watch my Roblox hacking video if you wish and share to your friends! Full on guide + Audio!
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