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In this episode, Eric sits down with Steve Baughman – creator of to discuss the findings of the Miller & Martin report.
Steve's Bio:
My name is Steve Baughman.

I am a part-time lawyer, part-time touring and teaching musician, part-time philosophy student, and full-time dilettante. I am currently registered at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and have done most of my work there with the Dominicans.

I am a religious skeptic but I consider it intellectual cowardice to enroll in schools and programs whose stated purpose is to strengthen your existing religious beliefs.

In my legal practice, I represent Chinese nationals seeking political asylum in the United States. Most of my clients are Christians and Uyghur Muslims fleeing persecution in China.

My educational background is as follows:

University of California at Santa Barbara: BA (History) 1984. Thesis: Canonization of the New Testament.

University of California at Berkeley: MA (Asian Studies) 1987. Thesis: Can’t recall exactly, but something fairly broad on Chinese socialist law.

Santa Clara University: Juris Doctor 1990

Around 2010 I was enrolled in the San Francisco State University Philosophy MA, where I took two graduate seminars in the philosophy of science, one graduate seminar in meta-ethics, and several undergraduate courses.

The Ravi Zacharias project fell into my lap most unexpectedly in 2015 when I was seeking the best and brightest defenders of the Christian religion. I began earnestly to look into his work and quickly found a scoundrel behind the smiling erudition.

People have warned me that Ravi will sue me for the work I have done exposing his career-long deceptions and misconduct. He won’t. Despite his public persona, Ravi Zacharias is a cowardly man who refuses to debate opponents, daring only to confront them from behind his keyboard or microphone, where he controls the agenda. A lawsuit against me would require Ravi to sit down for a deposition and answer questions without evasion.

Institutional Christianity has responded to the (growing!) mountain of evidence against Ravi Zacharias by sweeping it under the rug. Ravi continues to receive speaking gigs and awards from churches and evangelical groups as well as book contracts from Christian publishers.

This is exactly what my atheist worldview would have predicted.

For more on my life see

I am most easily reached by email at zenbanjo@

Steve Baughman
December 2019
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