Quit P*rnography By Hand Therapy Very Fast - Fight On Battlefield 6

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Victory In Battlefield 6 - Destroy Distractions By Hand Therapy

Life is a battlefield where we confront many distractions, enemies, demons & negative entities. We have to possess enough physical, mental & spiritual power and practice this hand therapy to win on this battlefield of 6 enemies. Those six enemies are sensual attraction, anger, greed, attachment, ego & jealousy. Nowadays youths are falling prey to the crocodile of sensuality through movies, web series, apps etc. So they are recommended to practice this hand therapy. They are not able to fight with this crocodile on this battlefield as they are not aware of this hand therapy which works at a spiritual level. The consequence is very bad as it is strengthening the 6 enemies of life on this battlefield. Youths need to be well prepared and practice Brahmacharya Yoga and particularly this hand therapy daily to gain spiritual power, mental power so that they can fight on this battlefield and destroy those 6 powerful enemies with this hand therapy. The crocodile symbolized those 6 enemies in one place. We have to use this Hand therapy as a weapon to kill this crocodile on this battlefield and destroy all those 6 enemies at once.

Victory On Battlefield 6 - Hand Therapy For Every Distraction

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Every motivation seems to be futile without brahmacharya/Semen Retention. Brahmacharya/Semen Retention is a vital part of every motivation. Here we are talking about the biggest motivational mantra of the world, is “Brahmacharya is Life”. This is not an ordinary sentence rather it can fetch invisible power in you. It can enable you to follow the path of Brahmacharya/Semen Retention naturally which earlier seemed to be very difficult. Let’s watch this video till the end to experience the real motivation “Brahmacharya is life”.

Let’s know some basics of Celibacy or Brahmacharya – We are happy to cover the basic lessons on Brahmacharya/Celibacy, Energy Sublimation, Celibacy benefits. Seminal fluid is the fuel of Sex Energy. Let's know the basics of Semen Power and Brahmacharya/Celibacy so that we may come to a definitive scientific conclusion and also know the power of semen & Brahmacharya and celibacy benefits.
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