Prime Time, April 14, 2020 | Ravish Kumar's Analysis Of PM Modi's Speech On Lockdown Extension

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On today's show, Ravish Kumar speaks about the Centre's decision to extend the nationwide lockdown till May 3. The Prime Minister thanked citizens for fulfilling their “duties” to the country and "understood" the hardships they were undergoing. However, he didn't mention anything about how the government plans to ensure that the migrant workers, now jobless, will be well-fed. From various reports gathered by our reporters, it has been found that many stranded workers are finding it hard to have three meals a day and the food distribution system for the poor has not been streamlined yet. Are employers following the government order to not fire anyone and continue paying wages? Are only the poor obliged to fulfil their ‘duties’ to the nation by starving? We ask on Prime Time. (Audio in Hindi)

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