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These color educational/promotional films are about the new Chevy pickup Truck brakes and the 1974 Chevelle Wagons. This is copyright 1973.

Opening: A train track crossing signal comes down as a car approaches. A train races by. A jumbo jet lands. Title: POWER TO STOP, the wheels of the American Airlines jet touch the ground (:10-:39). A Chevy pickup truck slams to a stop. An animated display shows how brakes work. A large wheel, large brakes. A salesman stands in front of brakes. A woman takes an order, puts in the order in a computer, a computer spits out paper. A Series 20 pickup truck takes cargo from a forklift. The brake is shown. A C20 Chevy pickup truck readies to carry a camper. The brake for the is shown as well. Different brakes are shown, a difference between a 1973 and a 1974 brake (:40-2:49). A pickup drives through a large, deep puddle, splashing water everywhere. After it leaves the water, it slams on the brakes to show it can. A dust shield on the brake is shown. Rotors are made to be thicker now, especially for vans. Front disk brakes. Close up on a lining that if thin gives off an audible signal. A pickup slams on its brakes. The proportioning valve
(2:50-4:35). An animated truck shows its braking system. The brake shoes within the drum are shown. A booster amplifies the force to help. A vacuum booster. A hydroboost power brake unit is shown animated (4:36-6:00). The salesman shows the new powerboost. Two pickup trucks are side by side with power brake units. The Camper Special 8200 lbs GVW with a vacuum booster. The Camper Special 9000 lbs GVW with a hydroboost unit. Vacuum booster test first, 1300 lbs per square unit of braking pressure. Hydroboost test, 1700 lbs per square unit of braking pressure. The new braking systems have longer brake lining life, new wear sensor, computer matches brakes. A pickup truck waits as the train crossing guard system rises and he drives on (6:01-7:24). End disclaimer (7:25-7:33).

Title: 1974 Chevelle Wagons (7:48-7:53). The new 1974 Chevelle Wagons are parked on grass. There are three models: Malibu, Malibu Classic, Malibu Classic Estate. Interior of a wagon shows the console and steering wheel. Wood framed instrument panel. Plush carpet, vinyl covered seats (7:54-8:52). An AM/FM radio. A steering wheel, swivel bucket seats. The tailgate unlock is touched, it pops open and items are removed. Things are placed onto the driveway. The tailgate is propped up for an extra seat. The wagon is pulled into the garage. The Chevelle wagon sits on the grass. Front and rear bumpers. A man gets in, puts on a seatbelt, puts in a key, and starts the car, puts the car into gear. A Chevelle wagon on the road (8:53-11:06). The climbs a hill and goes around a curve. Interior of the man turning the wheel. Close on the tires as it drives. The wagon goes up a hill. Specs are given concerning the new Chevelle wagons. Steel belted radial tires. Smooth cruising. Aerial shot of the wagon driving. The new 1974 Chevelle Wagons are parked on grass (11:07-13:33). End disclaimer (13:34-13:59).

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