Plans For Amazon's ????NEW WORLD MMO Upcoming Preview Event (Event Details, Expectations, Guides)

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08/13/2020 We are about 12 days away from the New World MMO Preview Event and now we have a chance to break down the plans. Expectations for the event are currently unclear in some aspects like what content we'll be coming across, but I'm betting that it will be relatively the same as we've seen in public footage.

As always, diving right into this topic of planning for New World's preview event, which will include my preferred faction, wish for the server name, how I plan to handle the guild system, and a bit more!

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Join forces with scores of other players to form powerful companies of craftspeople, mercenaries, prospectors and architects.
Claim territories and leverage your dominion to consolidate power and compel loyalty.
Fight for survival against enemy raiders, brutal wilderness, and gathering evil.
Craft hundreds of items, from magical elixirs and deadly weapons to sprawling fortifications.

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