Past Sans AUs React To Future Alternate Timelines (Original)

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Thank you so much for watching and I apologise for the long wait Kinemaster has been glitching a lot recently by changing the length of my screenshots removing them completely and also taking over 30 minutes to export the video :( I’ll try upload my next video quickly :) (if Kinemaster doesn’t glitch)

This video couldn’t of been possible without the amazing memes in the video please check out the originals :D

Strawberry Sweater Meme (Blueberry) by Dina Lapka

Mad Scientist Meme (Geno) by [Korean Name]

SIU Meme (UT, US, UF) by [Japanese Name]

Bye Bye Meme (Geno) by Sakiikari

Cradles Meme (Nightmare) by *FrEsCkO*

Sick Boy Meme (Nightmare) by Kero Dark

Goodbye Meme (Dreamtale) by [Japanese Name]

16 Shots Meme (Dreamtale) by Mr Frankcan
(Reuploaded by RubyMythDreamer)

Infinite Meme (Ink Sans) by Aowa0

Trypophobia Meme (Evil Sanses) by [Japanese Name]

Radio Meme (Ink Sans) by Green twig

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It’s Raining Somewhere Else Music Box by Musicbox cover

Some of you might be confused with the past sanses here’s a description of them (some of these aren’t canon)

Blueberry Sans (Underswap Sans)

He is basically like Undertale Papyrus he’s unaware of the different timelines and aus.
I think that when he joined the Star Sanses they gave him the nickname “Blueberry” I also think that they made his scarf into a bow and he liked it and kept it like that

Ink Sans

He lives in a very plain au and has always dreamed of exploring new places. He believes that there are over world out there that are really cool and interesting. He doesn’t have his sash thing (that present ink keeps his vial in) because he doesn’t use the vials yet. This version of Ink has a soul

Geno Sans

He was only recently sent to the save screen and is scared of that he’ll be stuck there forever. He hides his emotions pretty well so that people can’t take advantage of them.

Science Sans

He is Gasters lab assistant and son. My version of Gaster is a nice father. I think that the blueprints for the determination experiment were made by Gaster and that he and Sans tried the experiment in secret but it failed miserably causing Gaster to disappear.

I’m sorry if there are lots of mistakes I was really annoyed about the glitching and just wanted to get the video over :/

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