Owl City - Madeline Island (Official Audio)

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"Madeline Island” is from Owl City’s album, Cinematic.
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We bought a tent and some sleeping bags
And we jumped in the truck Northbound on I-35

Before the sun came up
We stopped for lunch in Canal Park
Passing through Duluth
Rolled into Bayfield, Wisconsin
And there she was
Madeline Island

We left our cares on the mainland
Boarded a ferry boat
We saw La Pointe for the first time
And we felt right at home
Drove out to Big Bay State Park
Picked out our campsite
We settled in underneath the stars
And there we were

Out there in the Great Lake Superior
Right across the bay
We sat back, put our feet up and there we were
Half a world away
Where the waves turn the cliffs into sea caves
With every passing day
It was all a blur but there we were
On Madeline Island

We left our shadows on the lakeshore
We soaked up all the sights
About drowned in a downpour
Looked for the Northern Lights
We shot the breeze under pine trees
And sat around the fire
We hit the hay beneath the Milky Way
And there we were

We made a memory
That will always last
When we went on that trip
Just us three and Max

Motion by: Jesse Gilbert x Clean Motion

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