MY NEW ROBLOX USERNAME | I changed my ROBLOX username

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My Instagram : @haniaxforever
join my discord server! :
HaniaxForever merch hoodie (girls)-
HaniaxForever merch hoodie (boys)-
HaniaxForever Navy Blue croptop merch-
HaniaxForever Navy Blue shirt merch-
Hania yellow aesthetic croptop merch-
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red aesthetic shirt with white collar merch-

What do you use to record?
- I use FBX Screen recorder

What do you use to edit?

Can you Friend me on ROBLOX?
-Unfortunately, no. Because I have over 4K Friend requests on roblox but the limit for FriendS is only 200 so it won’t be fair for others

What’s the intro song?
-My intro song is “April showers” here’s the link ➡️

What’s the outro song?
-My outro song is “Rockefeller street” here’s the link ➡️
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