Modern Futuristic Home Speed Build (PART 3) ???? Roblox Adopt Me!

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♡house used: futuristic home

♡total spent: $5938 ($3938 without signs)

♡social media & info
twitter -
tik tok - @arisu_yt
instagram - @arisu_yt
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roblox merch - #!/store
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spotify playlist:

0:00 - bassti - i'm sad
1:25 - chris wright ft. limbo - you're the reason
4:03 - resident - halo
6:00 - tomppabeats - smoking at midnight
7:39 - fcj ft. rosarrie - like the movies
10:18 - ai means love. ft. maggery - would you
13:19 - furino - listen to tommy with a candle burning
14:33 - rookie ft. alys, snoozegod - weekends with you

♡disclaimer: all creations are designed by me unless stated otherwise and all music chosen is to promote songs that i love, i do not own any rights to the music.


♡questions & answers

Q: can you help build my home?
A: sorry i can't currently, i've been busy making youtube videos and grinding for money to use towards my next videos. as much as i would love to help you all, it wouldn't be fair if i chose specific people over others, i hope you guys understand! ❤️

Q: can i add you?
A: currently i'm not accepting friends request because there's a limit to the list and it wouldn't be fair to add certain people over others! also when i'm filming i don't want the possibility of people teleporting to me constantly, hope you all understand❤️

Q: can i copy your build?
A: of course you can, that's what i make these videos for! just make sure you give credit when asked???? it's important to not claim things as your own because we should always appreciate the hard work people put into creating stuff!

Q: what do you use to edit and record your videos?
A: currently i use movavi 2020 to edit and OBS to record, for my intro and outro i use the website canva!

Q: why is your name Arisu on youtube?
A: Arisu is Alice in japanese!

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