Man Melting Compliments That Rock His Heart | Cracking the man code | When a man adores his woman

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We all love to be complimented. Compliments are a powerful component of any relationship, especially a romantic one. Learning how to compliment a guy isn’t always a cut and dry process, but it’s a strategy well worth mastering.

Why do compliments matter? In today’s day and age, everybody is taught to feel less-than. From posts on Facebook that turn the mundane into the mind-blowing to the media filling our brains with subconscious thoughts, we need something that makes us feel good just because it does.

1. "I love the way you think."

Many men are thinkers (and, believe it or not, it's more than just those who are into Fantasy Football). When you compliment a man’s mind, you allow him to feel seen for a part of himself he secretly takes pride in.

It has nothing to do with the car he drives or the amount he makes or the dimples on his cheek. It touches his intellectual side — and men like getting touched there.
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