Luke Storey: Relationships, Consciousness, & Coming Home To Yourself | Full Video #Podcast 361

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"I used to put myself into so many situations relationally where I was always holding my breath and thinking, 'Well, at least I'm not fully committed to this so I'm free.' But how is holding your breath being free?"

Motivational speaker, world-class biohacker, and host of The Life Stylist Podcast, Luke Storey, returns to Wellness Force to share what steps he and his love, Alyson Charles, are taking to build a stronger relationship, how kundalini yoga has helped heal his 20+ years of addictions, how you uncover your own behavior patterns through conscious action plus explore the Emotional Ladder and how you can climb up it.

What can help you let go of lower-level emotions during the COVID-19 lockdown to pull yourself out of the dungeon of depression and back to joy?

Join us as Luke and Josh explore relationships, consciousness, and the practical, real tools that allow us to come home to ourselves.

Listen To Episode 361 As Luke Storey Uncovers:

(0:00) Start
(1:30) Luke's Personal Transformation
(14:00) Sobriety, Transparency, & Inner Work
(26:00) Breaking Old Habits For Healthier Relationships
(38:00) Uncovering Patterns Through Conscious Action
(59:00) Climbing The Emotional Ladder
(1:14:00) Coming Back To Home

Luke's Personal Transformation

-Catching up with Luke Storey, what has changed, and his takeaways from 2020 thus far this year.
-His decision to participate in plant medicine ceremonies and why it was so challenging for him to make that decision.
-The evolution that he and his girlfriend, Alyson, have gone through in their relationship.
-Unpacking his family's history including alcoholism, abuse, neglect, and how that impacted his life and relationships at a young age.

Sobriety, Transparency, & Inner Work

-Exploring Luke's journey towards and achieving sobriety including honest transparency and doing the inner work.
-How kundalini yoga has especially helped him get in touch with himself along his healing journey.
-His past definition of 'freedom' and the moment he realized that he had actually imprisoned himself.
-What trauma binding is and why he was unconsciously doing it in past relationships.
-The addictions he has quit to help him gather greater awareness and consciousness.
-12-step groups that focused on helping people with dysfunctional behavior such as sex addiction, love addiction, and issues in relationships.

Breaking Old Habits For Healthier Relationships

-How he was shown in a number of different plant medicine ceremonies that he is now done repeating his old childhood patterns.
-What he is doing to help him avoid falling back into his old patterns.
-The challenges that he and Alyson are still going through and working on to build a stronger relationship.
-Why it was necessary for him to delve into his self-worth, sense of deserving, capacity, maturity, and level of consciousness to build the relationship he has now.

Uncovering Patterns Through Conscious Action

-The relationship he had with his mom and dad as a kid and how that perpetuated various behavior patterns.
-Why it's so important to have a conscious pathway to attend a plant medicine ceremony.
-How Luke has reminded Josh that it's a beautiful thing for men to cry and express their emotions.

Climbing The Emotional Ladder

-The inner work that Luke and Alyson have done on their own wellness journeys and how that has benefited their relationship.
-Breaking down the emotional ladder and being aware of where you are on that scale.
-Similarities between and 12 Step Programs and the Emotional Ladder.
-Exploring intuitive awareness plus when and whether we should open our hearts or protect ourselves.

Coming Back To Home

-How he is able to go deep enough to have a powerful connection or speaking engagement yet not be too serious about it.
-Why being too serious all the time can be harmful to our wellbeing and life journey.
-Unpacking how we can stop taking life so seriously because there's something beyond just this material world.
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