Let's Play! - INFINITY: CODE ONE - Operation: Kaldstrøm PART ONE

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Today we're taking a look at OPERATION: Kaldstrøm, the Two Player Starter Set for CODE ONE, the latest game offering in the Infinity Universe by Corvus Belli. Get a table, terrain, dice, rulers, tokens and templates as well as two 15pt Armies for the White Banner of Yu-Jing and the WINTERFOR of PanOceania in one box.

CODE ONE is a fast-play game with the DNA of Infinity but far less nested rules and a much snapper scenario and army building ruleset. Today we'll go through the basic core mechanics in Missions 1-3. Want to check out the full rules? You can see them HERE:

I'm also giving away the Convention Exclusive Kaldstrom Shaolin Monk so stay tuned to the video to find out how you can win it.

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