Is There a CHAOTIC Fate For Splatoon 3? | Splatoon Theory

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The final splatoon 2 splatfest also know as the splatoon 2 final fest, the splatocalypse, whatever you want to call it had taken place during late July and it was an incredibly questionable splatfest for the world of splatoon. Team chaos had defeated team order 3-0, leaving Pearl with the final splatfest win. I was thinking that this splatfest might affect splatoon 3 in some way, specifically the splatoon 3 story mode and splatoon 3 setting. In splatoon 3, 3 of the major splatoon species being the salmonids, octarians and inklings might have very interesting and chaotic relations in splatoon do you think will happen if (and likely when) splatoon 3 gets announced? Let me know in the comments and remember to subscribe to Alphastar716 for more content on #splatoon2 #splatoon3 #nintendo and other things gaming. I hope you enjoy my splatoon theory video about the fate of splatoon 3. (This is just a theory based on some of the lore of the game which may or may not happen).

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