House Controls our Lives for 24 Hours to Save Game Master! (Blindfolded Battle Royale) Matt Rebecca

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Matt must do what ever his smart house decides for 24 hours straight!

Rebecca Zamolo recently was handcuffed for 24 hours in giant doll house in real life with her cousin Maddie. Before that Matt and Rebecca were Star Wars in real life to battle royale with the queen of gems and the Game Master Network tried the death straw challenge to rescue Daniel. Now Matt and Rebecca along with cousin Maddie must do whatever the house says for 24 hours before having a battle royale with the shining. First round Maddie can’t say anything and they need to play charades. It doesn’t work and they need to work together. Next Rebecca can’t hear but Matt goes to the back to see if anyone is breaking in and one shining is still at the tunnel. Matt Slays puts a giant brick to hold down the gate to the tunnel system. Rebecca wins the challenge. Finally Matt has to drive a car blindfolded. He fears he must drive the Tesla model X. It turns out to be a super car that is tiny and he is able to drive through the house. At the end the Shining returns and they must do a battle royale. Will they be able to defeat the evil or be trapped for another 24 hours? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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