GranBlue Fantasy Versus Season 1 PS4 Online Tournament #3 5/17/20

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Final Results:

List of Matches:

UG| DJVest VS Erebuswolf 0:06

SSF| Sol VS BlackDaniel 9:07

OCG| FluxWaveZ VS EdGoneBad 14:48

SSF| Sol VS Erebuswolf 17:53

Okskemey VS BlackDaniel 26:10

UG| Jako Man VS MeyerPark 29:04

Okskemey VS Kyle P 33:20

TLT| Tasyon VS MeyerPark 36:44

ErebusWolf VS TLT| Tasyon 41:24

SSF| Sol VS FluxWaveZ 44:09

TLT| Tasyon VS EdGoneBad 50:17

SSF| Sol VS EdGoneBad 54:37


OCG| FluxWaveZ VS EdGoneBad 59:15

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