Fruit Basket 9: A Community Mr. Game & Watch Montage

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-Clips must be only for Smash Ultimate
-MAXIMUM of 2 clips per person (send only your best 2 even if you have more)
-Must be sent as a YouTube link to a video of the replay footage (timestamp is appreciated if it's a long video)
-Tell me how you'd like to be named if your clip gets in
-Music must be OFF during the recording (your in-game SSBU audio settings should ideally be Music set to 0, SFX and Voices set to 70)
-No staged/Training Mode/CPU clips
-Please don't edit the footage yourself or send it as a Google Drive direct download; just a YouTube video of the raw footage.

Send your YouTube link to this email address: grayfruitbasket@

It's been fun, but I think in the style of Vlambeer I'm gonna call it quits at 10. I'm winding down on making montages at all, and while I'll probably end up doing a few more in my life, I've simply had my fun with the concept. I've never counted but I'm sure I've made over 100 Smash montages at this point, which is pretty absurd. I hope the backlog of montages I've created up till now is enough to satiate those of you who just can't get enough of them.

Songs used:
Mr. Game & Whamuu - pluffaduff
Flat Zone Rift - NoteBlock
Flat Zone 2 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate OST

Thumbnail by Lark!

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by the way, almost my entire smash career I was fishing for that simple dthrow-nair-b-reverse-9 combo, never actually pulled it off with a 9 until this video. finally I can lay the character to rest(probably).
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