Final Fantasy XI (FFXI ONLINE) - Ep 40 - Journey to the Northlands; Tale of the Crystal Warriors

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Mr. Pierso rises to his government's recent request to check on and replace the magical seal in the ancient ruins of Fei'Yin, in the event the seal is in fact broken. These ruins are remnants of an ancient, immensely advanced civilization; one can only guess what secrets lie within! This task will require a trip to the sealed Northlands, a winter wasteland littered with fearsome fiends and other horrors.


- We are now PLD55/WAR27, thanks to some leveling up off camera
- Starting Bastok Mission 5-1! We travel to the Northlands via East Ronfaure, Ranguemont Pass and finally Beaucedine Glacier. Fei'Yin is located in the northernmost part of Beaucedine
- Shout-out to the Nudawn FFXI Podcast. Check them out on Spotify or Youtube:

- Arrive at Fei'Yin and trigger a story related cutscene
- At this point in the story, I'm starting to see new content I haven't seen before. In the old days of FFXI, I was painfully casual (full time student & working a lot)


Cover photo created on Adobe Photoshop by my lovely and talented fiancee, Rita (*RAGE*FACE*)


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