【FGO】Summer Sessyoin Kiara (Moon Cancer) Servant Demonstration【Fate/Grand Order】

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SSR Moon Cancer
Sessyoin Kiara

Flesh of the Mermaid EX
Grants Guts to self (1 proc, 5 turns), recovers HP every turn (3 turns), increases NP damage (3 turns) and applies a "Nourishment of the Mermaid" state to self where she is granted a 'Skill Rank Up' buff (lasts 4 turns) every turn (4 turns). With multiple 'Skill Rank Up' buffs, the second and third skills can be ranked up two levels at maximum. When using the rank upped skill, the 'Skill Rank Up' buff will be lifted based on the level of the rank up.

Supernatural Power (Ink) B
Charges own NP gauge and grants stars

Palace of the Clam A
Grants evasion to every ally (1 hit, 3 turns) + removes all enemies' true-hit, adds a 'bewitched' status to them that decreases their crit chance of those affected by mental debuffs (3 turns), decreases their defense (3 turns) and also their Arts resistance (3 turns)

Noble Phantasm:
Nirmana Rati・Heaven's Foam: Heaven of Enjoying Emanations ・ Dragon-Clam Mandala
Deals damage to all enemies [the more mental debuffs the enemies have, the more damage she does (Max. number of debuffs is 10)] and has a high chance to proc insta-kill [probability increases with overcharge]

Translation by Konchew
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