【FGO】Bunny Altria Skill Upgrade Demo: Royal Card『ロイヤルカード』【Fate/Grand Order】

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Royal Card C+ has been upgraded to Royal Card B+
- Cooldown reduced by 1
- Debuff one ally Servant with: "Exclude their cards from appearing on the next shuffle (1 time, 1 turn)"
- Shuffle the cards of current turn
- Buff party crit damage (3 turns)
- Buff party NP gen (1 turn)

I did a few tests to show its interaction with deck reset mechanic here. As you know, a deck reset will happen naturally after every 3 turns or the turn after a Servant died. Royal Card has the hidden effect of resetting the deck the turn after, just like when a Servant died.

0:23 Stacking 2 Royal Card
Because the shuffle happened immediately after casting, you can't "stack" 2 Royal Card and get a full 5 cards of the remaining Servant.
0:40 Deck reset test 1
Support Bunny's Art card showed up twice on T1 and T2, confirming that Royal Card performed a deck reset on T2.
1:12 Royal Card with 2 Servants
With 2 Servants on the field, using Royal Card will guarantee all 5 cards of a Servant of your choice (pretty obvious but hey, I gotta try to know).
1:59 Deck reset test 2
A more obvious proof of Royal Card resetting the deck on the turn after as I got back 4 Bunny cards.
2:23 3T farming test with the new Royal Card skill on the Casino Camelot Millionaire Grade node.
Gotta pray you don't get all 5 Merlin or 5 Bunny cards on T2 so it's not a perfect 3T though.

Tl;dr: Definitely not Destiny Draw.

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