Fate (PC) (2008) (WildTangent)

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Those who think that "Diablo III" looks 'too bright' need to grow up and stop being so insecure about their sexual orientation. Seriously, though, it seems to me that the whole ridiculous D3 art direction controversy is underpinned by the very same kind of wretched thinking which, for example, gave us the appalling abyss of adolescent affectation that is "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within" (when all we really wanted was another game as dreamlike, poignant and exquisitely beautiful as the original "Sands of Time"). Some developers and gamers out there need to learn that dark and gloomy isn't always irresistably cool and bright and happy isn't always unbearably

Anyway, while we're on the subject of games daring to be less monochrone and angst-prone than the majority of titles, we might as well talk about "Fate", which happens to be one of the very few distinctive action RPGs in the otherwise exceptionally derivative "Diablo clone" genre. In sharp contrast with the dreary settings and hideous, grim-faced enemies that eventually made even "Diablo II" more tiresome than necessary, "Fate" positively spoils the player with vibrant colors, a charmingly picturesque hub village, fanciful and imaginative monsters and endearingly cute familiars; all presented with cheerful 3D graphics which don't require any high-end rig to be enjoyed.

The actual gameplay sticks closely to the typical Diabloesque/Rogue-like mechanics, and apart from maintaining the formula's mandatory addictiveness the game also frees the player from arbitrary class restrictions (ensuring that any conceivable combination of might and magic is possible) and adds a "pet" creature which accompanies the player throughout the game. The pet can later be transformed into various more powerful forms, and thus plays an increasingly important tactical role. The customary replay value offered by randomized dungeons is further increased by a fairly robust mod support, which allows the user to add new items, weapons, monsters and character models to the game. "Fate" is available from Wild Games website at;
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