Fallout 76 Server Down Maintenance Patch 22 September 15

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Fallout 76 will bring the servers down starting at 10AM Eastern Standard Time on September 15 to apply Patch Twenty-two (22). The servers should only be down for a couple of hours, so no worries. When the servers do come back online, players of Fallout 76 can begin the new Season Armor Ace and the Power Patrol in their march against the dreaded Subjugator and his Army of Red Viper Minions.

Players will also immediately have access to One Wasteland, Daily Ops, and the long-awaited Legendary Perk system where a player can utilize Legendary Perks that are only accessible for characters level fifty and beyond.

Join the Naked Vault Dweller, Bethy Butler, and Howard as they break down what to expect during this maintenance period fro Update 22.

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The video referenced by the Naked Vault Dweller that covers the Daily Ops mission can be found here:
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