Fallout 3 100% Speedrun in 2:51:25 (World Record)

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Okay I did not expect this run to World Record at all, so the footage you're watching is Ripped straight from the stream and isn't locally recorded at all - which is why the quality is so-so. However this was a really good run and I'm super happy with the final time and the progress being made overall!

This run is a completion of all 58 quests (30 base game, 28 DLC), all 5 DLC's and collection of all Bobbleheads, also knowns as All DLC's/All Quests/All DLC quests/All Bobbleheads - AKA 100%. I do still plan on doing a true 100% run at some point, with all unique weapons/armours/collectables and locations, but its in the fat future.

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Hi. My name is ItsJabo and I speedrun games daily over at Twitch. The whole purpose of a speedrun is to playthrough a game as fast as you can, with a set of prerequisite rules. I enjoy speedrunning a variety of games and look to challenge myself in a huge amount of ways. It's an alternative way of discovering what's hidden and possible within the games you play, while also doing some pretty amazing tricks and glitches. Thanks for watching.

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