Eric Adams Searches Home For Crack Pipe In Strange Video

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Former Black cop and current NYC Mayoral candidate, Eric Adams, made a super weird video in 2011 that just resurfaced and is going viral now that he's running for mayor. And an undercover Black cop in seeks justice after being assaulted by other officers. Join Black Power Magic Hour hosts Messiah Rhodes and Dr. Evil Genius in the discussion. From the Black Power Magic Hour 'Bad Cops' segment. #ericadams
One day in 2011, back when New York City mayoral hopeful Eric Adams was a state senator, he decided to make a video he felt was of critical importance to his constituents. The subject: how to search your own home for “contraband”—guns, drugs, and other illicit paraphernalia—that your children may have hidden around the house. The video, which resurfaced on Twitter this week, is incredibly bizarre. In it, Adams explains how an innocent-looking jewelry box might actually conceal a firearm, pulling a remarkably tiny gun out of such a box and waving it at the camera to prove his point. He rummages through a backpack—which he calls a “popular knapsack with many different locations,” for some reason—and reveals a “used crack pipe,” squirreled away in a pocket. Seemingly every corner of Adams’ apartment turns out to be a hiding spot for something sinister: Behind a bookshelf, there’s a giant bag of fake cocaine; behind a picture frame, there are bullets; inside of a doll, there’s a sack of what looks like weed; inside of a pillow, another gun.

No convictions were returned for three white St. Louis police officers accused of beating a Black undercover colleague so severely during a protest over another officer’s acquittal that he had to undergo multiple surgeries. A jury on Monday acquitted Officer Steven Korte of charges of deprivation of rights under color of law and of lying to the FBI in the attack on Officer Luther Hall. It happened when Hall was mistaken for a protester during demonstrations that erupted after former police Officer Jason Stockley, who is white, was found not guilty in the 2011 death of a Anthony Lamar Smith, who was Black.

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