EF Battlefield | 002 | Gettysburg

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Battlefield 002:Tuesday & Wednesday| April 20-021, 2021 // The military has long utilized battlefield reviews, commonly referred to as ‘Staff Rides,’ as a means to develop their leaders. Staff rides are a unique method of conveying the lesson of the past to present-day leaders, both military and private sector, for current application. EF Battlefield Review is a 2-day tour of a historical battlefield. Participants walkthrough key successive battlefield locations (known as “stands”) where they receive an overview of the historical situation by a subject matter expert/guide. The EF Team will then facilitate a discussion regarding the leadership theme related to current business challenges and implement practical application exercises to help participants understand how to implement the leadership principles on their own battlefield.  Limited to 35 participants.

Direct Engagement with Jocko Willink, Leif Babin, Mike Sarraille, Steve Ward and Jason Gardner.

Tour Guided by Judd Baker with OMNA International ()

Session is limited to 35 people.

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