Drink 25 NUKA COLA - SCORE Challenge | Fallout 76

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Hey guys! Today I showcase how to get all the nuka cola you'd need to complete a SCORE challenge. This week we have drink 25 Nuka Cola. There are many locations where Nuka Cola can be found, but I only showcase one spot in this video which I think I one of the best spots due to how much Nuka Cola can spawn at a time.

It took me about 4 server hopps to get all 25 Nuka Cola to drink for the SCORE are 5 Nuka Cola machines at the mega stop. It seemed like the highest amount in one machine is three. So with really good rng you can get 25 Nuka Cola in a few server hopps.

Location Used in Video:
Red Rocket Mega Stop:

Other Locations to Find Nuka Cola:
Eta Psi House on Fraternity Row (has the unique flavors if you're interested in that):

Kanawha Nuka Cola Plant:

Flatwoods Motel + Red Rocket Shop

Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center

0:00 Intro
0:24 Red Rocket Mega Stop Location
3:45 Outro

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