Devil May Cry 5 - Bloody Palace All Floors: Dante (Turbo play x1.2)

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I recorded All floors with Turbo MOD. Almost all floors are captured separately, so this is not playthrough video. But I took it into account that Dante starts a new floor keeping nearly the same amount of DT as the previous floor as far as I can.
I hope you will enjoy this :D

♪Used Music list♪
1. Divine Hate (DMC3)
2. Mental Machine (DMC1)
3. Anarchy in the (DMC1)
4. Beowurf battle theme (DMC3)
5. Gods bound by rules (NieR:Replicant)
6. Rock and Load H&R (DMC1)
7. Nevan battle theme (DMC3)
8. Dante's office 7 hells battle (DMC3)
9. Devils Never Cry (パチスロ版)
10. Ultra violet (DMC1)
11. Bianco Angelo (DMC4)
12. the Stains of time (Metal Gear Rising)
13. Rock and Load (DMC1)
14. Shoot the works (DMC2)
15. Wipe of Sword (DMC4)
16. Devils Never Cry (パチスロ版)
17. the Viper (DMC4)
18. Divine Hate (DMC3)
19. the Theme of Eva
20. Cerberus Battle theme(DMC3)
21. Shall Never Surrender(DMC4)
22. Vergil Battle 2nd (DMC3)
23. Vergil Battle 3rd (DMC3)
24. Devils Never Cry
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