Defend The Night: New Dark Fantasy MMORPG | Adventuring, Crafting, Harvesting, and Diplomacy.

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Today we are taking a look at the new MMORPG Defend The Night.
Defend the Night is a dark fantasy MMORPG with a challenging, return to classic, gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In the dangerous world of Certovia, power demands to be earned—not bought. As a result, skill and knowledge will be key to surpassing your opposition. DtN will feature some traditional RPG classes; character progression through leveling, ability, talent acquisition; and player-owned city development. Players will be able to head out into the darkness of the world, either solo or with a group of friends, and level through a variety of options, both PvE and PvP. Choose the leveling path that works for you, without being forced into a specific style of play or linear progression, in this sandbox-style MMO.

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