D&D DM's Deep Dive with Paige Leitman - Winter Fantasy February 2020

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Mike talks about all things D&D with Paige Leitman back at Winter Fantasy 2020! Originally recorded February 2020. Click "Show More" for links and notes.

Video Contents
00:00 We love Winter Fantasy! What We've enjoyed.
03:07 Who's Paige Leitman?
06:07 Paige's there new tips for current DMs
07:15 Use an X Card (see the link below)
08:44 Cater to your audience and ask them what they want
09:01 Read your published adventures
11:00 What's changed in 2 years? AL moving towards story.
16:56 How are the changes being accepted?
19:20 What people think of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
21:17 Other trends from the 5e Facebook: greater diversity and inclusion.
22:30 Interesting homebrew is popping up.
23:20 The impact of D&D Beyond
26:30 Navigating the curve between tactical and story
31:58 Play a different game

X Card

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