Colombo Port City | How To Start a Business In Port City Sri Lanka

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Port city, Colombo is getting a lot of attention these days for it’s potential to bring new business opportunities to Sri Lanka ????

Have you ever wondered if you could use this opportunity to start your own business there?

We certainly have ????

The team at Simplebooks has done a lot of research about this matter and we’re finally ready to share our findings with you on our newest video today ????????

We’ll share everything from ???? The legal procedure of starting a business in Port City ???? What’s happening inside its walls ???? The must-know history of the island ???? Why the Sri Lankan Government created it ???? How this financial hub can help you succeed + a lot more!

So, if you’ve been looking at grabbing this opportunity - this is what you’ll need to get started ⭐

Click on video to learn everything you need to know ????

0:00 Intro
2:12 History of artificial islands
5:10 Financial centre
6:49 Start a business in Port City

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