City of Durham

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Autumn at Durham, the Cathedral city of County Durham, northern England is always a fantastic spectacle of mother nature, as she lets us know that winter will soon arrive.

Being local, I count myself very lucky that this small city with its Norman Cathedral and Castle, built upon a peninsular high above the banks of the River Wear, is on my doorstep.

'The Cathedral & Castle are a Unesco World Heritage Site' for almost thirty years I have photographed the city and now with video I can reveal some of my favourite spots and a reflection of life and nature around the banks of the River Wear in the University City of Durham.

Courting couple, shoppers, students, employee's and sportsmen all enjoy the proximity and splendour of this unique & small city, "one of the best kept secrets in the world".

Durham is major University City and students arrive from all over the world to study in the city. Students lets have become a big business in the area.

@ 3:30 in the time lapse traffic footage, there is a heavily police protected convoy, which I believe was a prisoner movement to HMP Durham a regular event in the city.

The colony of Cormorants are residents of the city all year round, except for their breeding season.
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