CHEATER or SMURF, YOU Decide [Enemy Andro] : Paladins PC Droogz

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User is named knöck now changed his name to FaLLëN
You decide whether he is cheating or smurfing
Match Stats:
Andro's GURU Profile:

Legendary Treasures Discord:
Hello! I am InfernalSeris, a well known user on the community of Paladins. I own this channel to upload Drogoz content for everyone. Even if its not in the best Resolution! I hope you enjoy. I have my own Discord if you wish to join! Invite is above this message.

Contact me on Discord: InfernalSeris/TwinkiePiee#3059

My Settings for Paladins:
FOV: 120
Mouse Sensitivity: 12
DPI: 1200
Resolution: 1366 x 768
ALL Graphic Settings: MAXED
Reticle Type: Precise or Circle
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