Battlefield Bad Company 2: First Mission 1/2

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Part 1 of 2.

*Contains story spoilers and videogame violence, you will be notified by a annotation where the story spoiler will take place.*

This is the first mission you will play on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC version), this first mission is a flash black to World War II, its where the entire story evolves around in the

This is played with everything on High, 2x aa, 1x AO and HBAO turned on and sound on Wartapes. Bloom is turned off in the settings file, this is being played on Hardcore difficulty.

I only got a bit of framedrops while using fraps as you can see in the video, i don't have a widescreen monitor as you can see, so the ratio is kinda strange right now, just play it in HD and in widescreen for the best result. I am surprised the game runs this smooth for me seeing i barely got to play the PC beta in a good framerate.
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