Battlefield 5 Firestorm In 2021

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Hey what's up guys, tonight I decided to try out Battlefield 5 Firestorm on the PS4 Pro. When this game initially launched I enjoyed it. The map is gorgeous and the gunplay wasn't too bad. I was very excited for a Battlefield Battle Royale but the game died out rather quick and players moved onto other games. Their were some issues that never got fixed. Also not being a free to play game was a bad call. Firestorm being a Battlefield 5 game puts this BR in a rough spot as well. Battlefield 5 was a disappointment for many Battlefield players. Despite these factors I did see potential in the game. If the developers made the right call of making it free to play, fix the issues, and listen to the community that want Firestorm to succeed maybe this BR would be alive today. I enjoyed the game for a short while but I eventually went back to PUBG and other Battle Royale games. In 2021 the game hasn't changed at all. I only had 13 players in this lobby so it was bit boring till I started finding players later on. I did have some fun playing Firestorm again but I don't think I will be playing it much. I'm looking forward to Battlefield 6. If the game is successful I believe Dice will want to develop a BR. I see a Modern Warfare Battlefield BR being successful if done right and possibly give Warzone competition. If you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and if you'd like too see more content like this please consider subscribing. I will be covering Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, and PUBG. If you'd like to catch me Live I do stream on Twitch. Thanks for watching!

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