BATTLEFIELD 4 LIVE | Road to 7k Subs - 217 to go

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Hey guys, I'm SMK GAMING, welcome to my Battlefield 4 live stream on the Playstation 5. Make sure to "Hello" in chat to keep me company. If you like my BF1 content/live streams please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, thanks


If you wish to support me even further you can become a member or sponsor me. Memberships start at £, check out all the details along with the perks here.:


Donations are not expected, 50% of all donations will go towards equipment upgrades and games, with the other 50% towards giveaways. Donation/Merch Link

Alternatively you can leave me a superchat

=======????Chat Commands????=======

Use !command to see the list of commands, the popular ones are listed below:

► ????About Me: Use command !aboutme
► ????Chat Rules: Use command !rules
► ????PC Specs: Use command !pcspecs
► ????Donate: Use command !donate

Connect with me on:

► ????Twitter:
► ????Instagram:
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► ????Twitch:
► ????Discord:

► Battlefield V Stats:

► Battlefield 1 Stats:

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