Alex Runo - Devil (Official Music Video)

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Alex Runo - Devil (Official Music Video)

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Director: Christofer Nilsson
Production Company: Mohave
Executive Producer: Anders “Theo” Theander
Production Manager: Marcus Lindberg
Animations: Christofer Nilsson

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TikTok: @alexrunomusic

Take me down to the river
Let me wash my sins away
I’ve been singing with the angels
Now the devil’s come out to play
Oh, devil - my soul is in your hands

Lord, I’ve been righteous - trying to be good
When temptation came a’knocking
I did the very best I could
Oh, devil - I did not stand a chance

So just let it rain

(Rain down on me)
Wash me clean and baptize me (Rain down on me)
Come on, wash away my pain (Rain down on me)
The devil got inside me
(Rain down on me)

It’s too late for redemption
Too late to say a prayer
But I can’t waste my time on being lonely Can’t waste it on despair
Oh, devil - come on, do the best you can
So just let it rain

Hear me, brother Hear me, sister Just listen
All I have to say Is ooh, let it rain
(Rain down on me)
(Rain down on me)
Come on, wash away my pain

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Written by: Alexander Holmgren and Johan Björk
Mixed & Mastered by: Johan Björk, Alexander Holmgren and Anders ”Theo” Theander
Label: Riptide Music Group, LLC
AR / Management: RoastingHouse (SWE)
Promotion: Riptide Music Group, LLC (USA)
Distributed by: Repost by SoundCloud
Publishers: OP: RoastingHouse Music Sweden / CP: Riptide Music Group

Alex is a singer born in to soul, blues, gospel and rock music, a Swedish recording artist, musician, songwriter and producer. For several years, Alex has been working with various successful artists, such as Måns Zelmerlöw, Carola, Jill Johson, Tingsek among many others and now it's time to release his third single as, Alex Runo.

Storytelling time:
- That's how it feels like when listening to Alex Runo's music. Now meets then, high meets low, loud meets soft, and dirty meets the sweetest and most vulnerable. Even though there's some drama, build ups and unpredictable turnarounds, everything is flowing smoothly. Smooth as in symbiosis. Alex Runo and his co-writers have one important goal during the whole writing process, and that is to come up with songs that communicates, - songs that makes the listeners feel
something, whatever that might be. They write music with lots of soul, and the best pay off would be if their music could touch other people's souls as well.

Words from Alex:
“I write music that I hope makes you feel something, whatever that feeling might be. The element of surprise is also an important part of my music. I’m not comfortable in the middle of the
I was brought up with the (in my opinion) greatest singers, songwriters and musicians in the world. Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding are a few of the artists from whom I draw my inspiration.

/Alex Runo

There’s an EP lined up. Please stay tuned and thank you for checking in. / Feb. – 2021

Please mail theo@ for any requests

Copyright (C) 2021 Riptide Music Group, LLC and RoastingHouse Music.
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