Airsoft Cheater takes so many bb's. My gun shoots too fast?

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IG @ refsquadMk18
Holographic stickers available locally
Die cut stickers available on tee spring, link in about section

---SSG MP5SD: Gate titan, SHS and MAXX compression parts, shaved down G&G air nozzle, Classic army metal B&T SD body, CAA metal handguard. 12:1 gearset. G&G IFRIT motor.
---SSG G&G/DD MK18: Gate titan, 13:1 gearset short stroked 2 teeth. SHS/MAXX compression parts, ASG 28TPA motor. Rental gun body, DD MK18 rails.
---Elite force G19: Bone stock
---PTS Flux helmet setup with a gopro NVG mount that was shaved down and modded to hold a mobius camera. Beat up metal mesh mask, beat up sealed shooting glasses.
---Light is a TLR1-HL
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